Following on from last week’s blog about identifying your ideal client I’m wondering whether you’ve changed your views on who you are actually selling to? Did you revisit this important element of your business or are you absolutely sure you have it nailed? If you have, that’s fab – if not, take a look now.

This week we’re at the 2nd key element for Brilliant Business Success and I’m exploring in a little more detail the subject of communication. Messaging, marketing, communicating, there seem to be so many words in business that mean the same thing! 

Whatever word you choose to use, be sure that you are hitting the right note with your ideal client.

  1. Do the research and decide on your message. Just as you did when developing your profile for your ideal client, it’s also important to research a bit more about them and how to resonate with them.
    • What kinds of words do they use?
    • What terms are they familiar with?
    • What’s their language?
    • What’s the pain or challenge they discuss?

When communicating with your ideal client it’s essential that you are speaking their language. If you’re in the same Facebook or LinkedIn Groups then what are the words that they use to sum up the pains and challenges they are facing? And, if this is a face to face networking group, try jotting down or remembering the key words and phrases people use to describe their challenges.


Think about the main message that you want to convey. There are several types of approaches to this which can be adapted, tested and refined. So, do you want your message to prompt people to STOP doing something or to START doing something?

e.g – Same message with desired outcome with 2 different approaches:

STOP procrastinating. I know you’ve been putting off working out your Ideal Client and you’ll never get that business if you don’t do the work. Click here for my step by step worksheet to nail your client profile”


“With a little planning you can transform your business. Imagine how wonderful it’s going to feel when you are totally in tune with your ideal client. Your business is going to sky-rocket and you’ll only be speaking to those amazing clients who want you in their life. Click here for my step by step worksheet to nail your client profile”

Which do you prefer?

Different people will respond to each approach. Moving away from a negative or moving towards a positive. And it’s okay, if not essential, to test and try both methods of communication. It will all depend on what you’re selling and who you are selling it to.

Personally, I prefer to state things in the positive. Not only is it good for my mindset, I also think it helps clients understand the benefits and positives of a change in business activity that’s going to transform things for the better.

Either way, because you’ll have done the work to know your ideal client, what language they use and respond to and what really resonates with them, then you know you’ll be marketing to the right people and getting your message in front of them.

  1. Be consistent. This is one of the easiest things to say and sometimes one of the hardest things to achieve
  •  I’ve got to admit that this one has taken me a long time to master for myself. It’s not rocket science but it sure can feel like it sometimes. It’s always easy to advocate, it’s not always easy to carry out, especially when you are busy serving your current clients, doing the accounts, making the tea, chasing the debts and creating new products or services.

So, find the time in your busy schedule to build consistency into your communication methods. Treat the importance of communicating with your clients, prospective clients, potential champions or referees, as importantly as you would do attending a client meeting, making and fulfilling a client order or turning up at your class/session.

The more you pencil this in and stick to your commitments, the more engagement you will get from people and there will be such a benefit from developing a deeper connection with them. We all prefer to buy from people we know, like and trust.

  1. Be true to yourself. Find the most comfortable and easy way of connecting and always be genuine.

It’s your business.

It’s your product or service.

And you are intrinsically linked to whatever is being delivered whether that’s a physical item, your time, your expertise etc.

There are so many ways of communicating that it seems silly that we would shoehorn ourselves into a style or channel of messaging that feels totally out of place and disingenuous for us.

So why do people do it?

Why would you put yourself through something that ultimately means you are deceiving your ideal client and yourself?

Well, probably because when you look at Facebook and LinkedIn and see all those glossy marketing ads promising immediate ££££ cash in your business and a “fail-safe” template for how to achieve it then there’s a tendency to jump on-board regardless.

 STOP… yourself.

Always. That’s what people will buy because, like a stick of rock, you are going to be stamped all the way through what you are delivering


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