We are in uncertain times, of that there is no doubt!

What we do now will most certainly define us & our businesses as well as those around us who we can support, encourage, love and believe in.

Now is not a time of panic, but one of brief reflection and then positive, focused action.

Certainty is what most people crave from life and business. The certainty of clients, the certainty of money, the certainty of edging closer to their dreams and goals.

Uncertainty can bring out the very worst in some and can also paralyse others.

So why don’t we all take a great big breath and just PAUSE. Think. Then Do.

There’s plenty of things that you can do right now to give yourself more choices, no matter what kind of business you are running.

  1. Speak to your clients. Pick the phone up, message them and find out what’s going on for them and how you can support them or keep business flowing. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate it. Listen to their concerns and then get your thinking cap on – what can you do to continue providing your goods and/or services to them. And if you don’t have that kind of client relationship, email or message them, put a post in your group – whatever it is, communicate.

  2. Utilise tech. Most of my week is spent in the “virtual world” in the cabin at the bottom of my garden. I do work face to face with clients, but the majority of my days are spent on Zoom, the phone, emails and in private Facebook groups.
  3. Tech again – you can upgrade Zoom for just one month at a time to get their full packages which mean you can have numerous people join you on a live video call which can be recorded too. And some of the free conference call services also provide video calling as part of their packages. Think of what you can utilise for 121 or group meetings, coaching sessions, yoga classes, reiki, meditation … there’s loads you can do – everyone needs to be flexible.

  4. Forecast of sales …. Even if you don’t already do this (which you should – but now is not the time to lecture!) then you can make a start now.
    1. What did you think you were going to achieve for you sales and income for the next 4- 8 weeks?
    2. If you’ve never done that before then look back at last year and see what your seasonal sales are.
    3. How many clients did you have booked in?
    4. What might the GAP be now? And if you can work out the gap then you can think of ways to fill this.
    5. Knowledge is power, so check you bank balance, check what you think you might get and decide what you can do to fill the “in between” bit. This might link back to the Tech stuff.
  5. How else can you sell?
    1. If you’re a face to face person who relies on seeing clients, e.g massage, yoga, beauty etc then can you promote vouchers right now? Vouchers for Mother’s Day, vouchers for Easter, vouchers for Father’s Day (this thing could take a while to peak and go away) – start to sell vouchers that people can buy and pay for now and use in the next 6-12 months (whatever you decide, but you get the cash up front)
    2. If you are used to having meetings and client face to face stuff then switch to tech alternatives. Both you and they will benefit from this. Not only from the distance bit but also the time factor involved in any travel there would have been.
  6. Don’t be left alone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Together we are Stronger and Empowered women empower other women. So come and spill the beans, get the shit off your chest, share your fears and ask for support, ideas and guidance. I will be evermore present in my Facebook Group, Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna and I really encourage you to shout up if you’re feeling anxious or in need of a sounding board or some objective and impartial advice.

  7. Stay visible and don’t disappear. This will not last forever, no matter how it feels right now, this will pass and “normal service” (whatever that is) will resume. When you retreat and disappear it takes forever to get going again and get traction either on-line or in any other platform that you usually operate in. Even if you aren’t attending in-person networking events, they probably have a Facebook or Linkedin/Twitter Group – so ensure you are visible and present in there for your clients and potential clients.

It’s essential that when all around us are losing their heads, we keep ours (you know that saying right?!)

Flexibility is the key to success and survival in business at all times, and now more then ever.

So rather than panicking, spiralling into the media frenzy that seems to be ensuing, I’d encourage you to stay calm, be objective, step up and step into those amazing CEO shoes of yours and be supported in the process.

We’re in this together ladies (and gents) and together we are stronger.

Anna x

If you want to stay on track, get accountable, maintain your focus and rock your 2020 business vision then why not come and join our private Facebook group Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna. I run monthly business reviews & goal setting sessions, we have “Ask Anna” Friday where you can ask for help or advice on your business challenges and I’ll be live in the Group and it’s full of amazing business women at all different stages of their journey. I’d love to have you join us.





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