Have you ever wondered about what it is that motivates you to take action or even keeps you feeling motivated after the initial spark?

When I spoke the other week about motivation and (self) discipline it got me thinking about the different types of motivators and how I’ve previously worked with clients to identify whether they’re naturally motivated towards or away from things.

Are you chasing pain or pleasure?

When we think about particular pain points in business (or life), these can often be the spark that get us motivated to change that situation.

Have a think about when you’ve been frustrated with your lack of sales or progress with an area of business, the irritation you may feel when you see others doing what you know you can do – or are even better at than them!

These situations can help kick start us out of the blocks to make an initial change. We’ve all been there and thought Right, that’s it – NO MORE!!

But that initial spark or jolt into taking action from that feeling of frustration or pain isn’t sustainable….

Because when we work in the “away from” feeling it’s never enough to support lasting change and keep that momentum going. So ultimately the motivation wains and we end up feeling crap and back at square one. Sound familiar? It happens to us all…

And this is precisely why you’ll hear me talking about setting yourself up for success by having your Compelling Business Vision totally nailed. And revisiting it regularly to check in and make sure that it’s still that passion you feel towards it. 

Because when you’re working towards a goal that is absolutely THE THING that you want, THE THING that you can visualise, touch, smell even, then this is a massively powerful motivator!!

In my live video during the week I mentioned about the traits that really good sales people have and part of that is down to their ability to be motivated towards targets, goals, tangible figures that will give them their bonus, their commission, their reward! They chase that. They move towards it

You know what it’s like, that awesome feeling you’ve achieved something – it’s absolute euphoria! Those endorphins don’t lie 😊

Checks and Balances

The reality is that we all have a balance of towards and away from motivation but most of us don’t take the time to analyse which is running our patterns and whether we could do with a little tweak here or there – because if it’s out of kilter and the “away from” is winning you’re probably going to run into a bit of trouble.

Who wants to constantly be thinking about the crappy stuff in order to keep them moving away from hurt, pain, disappointment, resentment? It’s blooming stressful and negative.

And it’s a proven fact that when you’re clear about your goals and visions and fully tapped into what you’ll achieve when you’ve reached them, the motivation towards achieving and staying true to your own path is so much stronger in helping you get there.

What’s your language?

The other thing to think about is how you speak to yourself or verbalise your goals and desires to others.

When I run Accountability Days or work with clients to set intentions and goals, I always ask them to use positive words.

It’s really easy to get into a mindset of saying what you don’t want to do or don’t want to achieve because that’s the pain point coming into play again – the memory of how crappy it feels and you not wanting to be there.

So when we set these intentions or goals we use positive framing in terms of what they want rather than what they don’t want.

Have you ever really stopped and caught how you’re speaking to yourself about what you do and don’t want to do – and why?!

Give it a go.

It’s definitely a “work in progress” for many of us AND just being aware of it will help you to choose your words carefully and keep moving forward with positive intentions TOWARDS your goals.

Go get ‘em tiger!!

You’ve got this 😊


Anna x 

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