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Last week I was asking about strategies in certain aspects of business and it seemed to hit a trigger for quite a few ladies.

I know that whenever anyone chucks out that question “what’s your strategy for X,Y,Z?” 50% of people run away and hide and the other half glaze over with boredom.

Why is that I wonder? When did the S word become so offensive?

Well, it’s probably because grey-suited types of both genders have, for years, bored the pants off us mere mortals with all the cr*p that comes from making things more complicated than they really are and then gives others a total inferiority complex as they haven’t got a blinking clue what people are talking about!  People love to overcomplicate and confuse don’t they!

When you run your own business as a savvy and amazing business woman then you should never be put off by words or phrases. You should be curious about what things mean if you’ve never come across them or don’t understand them. And if you don’t understand something – then ask!

There is no such thing as a stupid question. Remember, this is your business. Your rules. Your words.

So let’s break down the dictionary definition of strategy and just talk about it in plain old English


It’s a plan of action that’s going to take you from average to awesome in your business!

It’s what your product is and what sets it apart from your competition. It’s what makes your offer irresistible.

It’s who your ideal client is?

It’s how you’re going to get that product or service in front of them to sell it.

And, it’s when you’re going to launch, refresh, develop and grow your business.

The 5 following benefits of pulling your strategy (plan of action) together are well worth reframing strategy as sexy as hell rather than stuffy and grey:

  1. Clarity

Imagine being totally clear about your goals, your vision, your journey and your outcomes. Imagine knowing what you will earn, when you will earn it and how you will make that happen.

That’s going to feel good, isn’t it? And when you can see that happening, imagine the buzz.

You will be able to forecast your income and expenditure much more accurately.

  1. Control

There is nothing worse than that feeling of overwhelm and we’ve all had it at some point in our business, our corporate life or even in our personal lives.

When you have a plan, when you know what you are doing and where you are going then the feeling of “being in control” quickly comes back and it’s a nice feeling for most of us who run a business.

You will begin dealing with reality rather than assumptions.

  1. Confidence

Can you remember a time that you felt completely confident about what you were doing or how you felt about your life? Good, isn’t it?

When you achieve clarity and control in your business then this naturally leads to an increase in confidence.

You will feel, look & act more confidently. Prospective clients will pick up on that – it’s a winner!

  1. Consistency

Having absolute clarity about your business and your ideal client, gaining control about your business actions (whether daily, weekly or monthly), and feeling the confidence that all of that brings, will feed into a consistent confident business.

Your business needs consistency and nothing less will do! Put all your plans in place to give you this exceptionally important aspect to your business day, week, month or year.

You will start to channel your focus on the areas that are going to make you the most money and bring in the “best fit” clients for you.

  1. Creation

When you have steps 1-4 working well together and in a natural habitual way then this frees up your time to start looking at business development. Successful businesses never standstill. They are always developing new products and services, thinking of new ways to engage with their current customer base and their prospects and creating the next phase of their journey.

You will start to have time to create new products or services. This will increase your repeat business and also attract new clients to you and your company.

Get your plan of action mapped out and then really get a feel for how you are going to move your business forward with outcome-focused action.

Anna x 



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