Following on from last week’s blog about 5 of the key elements for Brilliant Business Success, I promised to go into more detail for each area and this week we’ll be exploring the very important aspect of identifying who your Ideal Client is.

When I was first involved in strategic planning for marketing & sales campaigns, the term we used was “target market”. This can sound a little cut throat and distanced when thinking about a valued person or group of people who you ideally want to build a relationship with rather than hit in the back and shout “bulls-eye”! And these days there are so many terms for the same thing and you’ll have heard of most, if not all of these; ideal client, target market, soul client, super customer and so on…. 

It is absolutely essential to do the piece of work that identifies who needs and wants to buy from you. So the answer to this question is never “everyone”. It is impossible to sell to everyone. The very nature of the product or service that you supply, whether that be coaching, yoga classes, handmade jewellery, financial services, blogging, VA, insurance etc etc means that only a specific segment of all the human beings in the world will want or need to purchase from you.

Doing this work upfront and being totally honest about who you want to connect with, what your product can help them with, what pain or discomfort they experience without it and what a blessing buying from your will give them is going to help you nail your marketing, messaging, communication and ultimately PROFIT!

Sometimes it can take a while to figure it out. It certainly did for me and I can really relate to those feelings of confusion and trying to please everyone. When you are desperate to grow your business, when you want more referrals and need more income, then it’s easy to take on pieces of work, commissions, short term contracts and clients where you feel drained, frustrated and fed up.

You didn’t become your own boss to work in areas that don’t light you up or allow you to feel fulfilled. I suspect though, that we’ve all been guilty of it at some point because we needed the income, the clients or the portfolio.

So, if you don’t want to fall into that trap, here’s a quick fire way of identifying that client who is going to be a dream customer:

  • What does your ideal client look like?
  • Person or Business – B2C or B2B.
  • Man or Woman, Youth or Child (remember who is buying and who has the ££).
  • Young or Old – use age brackets if it helps.
  • Family circumstances – married, single, cohabiting, children?
  • Location. Where do they live? Is this a Town, County, UK or World Wide.
  • Are they low, middle or high earners. What is the income bracket? Is your ideal client affluent? What’s the tax bracket? How much disposable income do they have? 
  • Where do they hang out and how will you get in front of them? Online/offline – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Networking Groups, School Gates, pre-school clubs, Village Hall.
  • What is their need or the challenge or pain that they currently have that your product or service is going to solve for them?
  • What is lacking in their life that they need and you can give them. BE SPECIFIC.
  • The more work you do on what it is about your product that can help your ideal client with the pain, discomfort, annoyance, time or money wasted that not having you in their life creates, the more you are nearer to nailing your USP (unique selling point) and niche.

Profiling and targeting your Ideal Client is not devious or “icky”, it make perfect business sense and it allows you to bring your talent, your product and all of your amazingness to the table and lay it out in front of the people who really need it!!

By starting with these basics you’re going to cut down on wasting your own time, energy, effort and money by not marketing to the wrong people. Instead, by doing the work above and segmenting your market you’ll get a brilliant vision of how and where you can communicate with your ideal client to solve their challenges and frustrations.

Next week I’ll be building on this further and exploring messaging, marketing, communication. Again, lots of different names for exactly the same thing……

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