I mean, you can’t have missed the plethora of books, articles, posts, programmes, seminars, TED talks etc etc that are out there all about mindset.

And yet…………here we all are, battling our own demons, battling those little voices that tell us we’re no good, tell us we’re about to get found out, tell us that everyone knows we’re an imposter.

You have them too?? Cool… then we’re not alone!

The truth is – everyone has them. Perhaps not all the time, but to a greater or lesser degree everyone at various points in their lives will have that self talk that is neither helpful or supportive.

It’s how you deal with the voice that makes you stand out from the rest.

I ran a poll in my Private Facebook Group Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna asking if people agreed that mindset is everything. 70% said yes and for the other 30% it was a mixture of things.

I’m in the 70% camp.

I guess I’d agree it’s not absolutely everything but particularly during Self Care September, I’d say without a balanced and positive mindset you’re pretty much stuffed!

You see, you can have all the swanky systems and processes you want. A strategy and plan for your business. You can outsource the bits you don’t like or don’t have time for. You can schedule your Social Media and invest in IT systems to support you.

But if your mindset isn’t right, if you’re struggling with negative self talk and doubts then you’re going to stay stuck in your business for a very long time. And just imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you’ve let that shit go. Imagine everything that you can achieve when you are no longer allowing yourself to be held back!

Crappy mindset leads to procrastination. And for me, procrastination is simply FEAR dressed up in its Sunday Best!

When people say to others, or themselves, that they’re procrastinating, what they’re really saying is “I’m scared”.

  • Scared to fail
  • Scared to make a fool of myself
  • Scared to put myself out there
  • Scared to get it wrong
  • Scared of what might happen

So let’s deal with the facts.

It’s a cycle. It’s okay. We all have wobbles. We all have good days and bad days. Things happen in life and in business that throw us some curve balls.

Acknowledging those feelings is one of the most powerful things you can do. When you become conscious of what’s really happening for you then you allow yourself choices. You get to choose how you want to feel and that’s the first step.

Breathing through that feeling is also super helpful. For anyone who practices yoga they will know that we always start with the breath. For those who practice, or have read about, mindfulness then breathing is regularly used as a way to steady and calm the mind.

Accept the feelings. And realise that they are a natural reactions to the cycle of learning that we all go through, especially in running our own businesses the way we want to run them. Everyone feels them at some point or another. You are not weak, you are not a failure, you are human! There’s no need to fight them or put on a “brave face”.

Release those knots in your tummy and that feeling of bleurgh by concentrating on those 3 things I listed above. Allowing those feelings to float away and for that moment of fear to pass.

Be honest with yourself. Write out what is coming up for you and how you are feeling. Start to break down what it is that’s happening and why. Once you have it identified you can face it and deal with it.

Courage is not the same as confidence. Those of you who know me will have heard me bang on about this before. We get bombarded by images and videos of what we should be, or what successful looks like and acts like. And that’s just it…it’s all an act.

Courage is being scared and doing it anyway. Courage is allowing people to see that you’re vulnerable and continuing to be visible. Courage is holding out a hand and asking for help. People admire courage – remember that please. 

CEO Shoes – Step up, step into them and be brave. At some point we’re all brave.

I’d encourage you to get your basics right so that you have total clarity about what your business dream is and why you are doing what you do.

Knowing with total certainty what your Compelling Vision is for your business sets you up for success.

Setting yourself goals with key outcomes that are achievable and realistic will really help you focus on what’s important instead of getting distracted by all those shiny objects along the way (yes, we all do it – you know I have a thing about notebooks right?!)  or becoming deflated by the appearance of how well others may be doing compared with you.

Sign up here to get a simple, quick and easy way to re-focus on what’s important in your business. Getting the basics right and stepping into your own CEO shoes.

And make some time for you. In order for your business to grow and you to be happy it’s essential that you allow yourself the time to review and reflect on everything that’s going on.

Affording yourself small blocks of time to work through these 4 Key Templates for Stepping into your CEO shoes will massively increase your chances of moving your business forward and building momentum.

A positive mindset comes with practice. It comes with surrounding yourself with those people who lift you up and raise you. It comes from knowing your dream and focusing on it.

It’s your path. No one else’s!

Anna x


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Anna x

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