This week is always a strange one isn’t it…

Every year without fail we seem to end up being bombarded by posts and articles about New Year resolutions, words for the year, business plans for the year, goal setting for the year….

And that’s before we’ve even thrown into the mix a bunch of Covid related tiers, lockdowns, home-schooling and all the other stuff stuck in with it too. This week of the year can stir up all sorts of shite for us.

Business goals and planning for the whole year can leave us feeling overwhelmed by what everyone else seems to have mapped out, already achieved and even got all their shit together (don’t be fooled!)

And so, I want you to know that you’re not alone if you haven’t planned your whole year out.

I’m really not a big fan of setting goals for a whole year. Think about what happened last year and how much this threw people who were focused on one direction only. Remember how flexible people had to be as well as whole plans about work goals and dreams that went out of the window.

Planning too far ahead can be a really draining process and also throw us off track!  

I’d really recommend setting goals for the first quarter or 90 days as this is enough time for you to get really clear

  • about what you want to achieve,
  • drill down into the detail without getting overwhelmed by the massive big picture and
  • enable you to start to take action and see some of those things come to fruition

Yes, of course you’ll have an overarching big Compelling Vision for your business and what you want to achieve for that and your life… but remember that most of the time it’s the sum of all the small parts that feed into that bigger picture.

It’s lots of small actions layered one upon the other that bring about change and enable the consistency of change – not just a flash in the pan! Think of it a little bit about building a wall and start at the bottom, laying a firm foundation with the other bricks and stones laying on top.

And now I’m wondering whether you’ve ever fallen into the trap of being really vague about your goals?

You’re not the only one!

People are so often very wishy washy about their goals – let’s be honest, if you don’t achieve them then you get let off the hook right? Because no one actually knows what specifically you were aiming for any way!

So often I hear goals with the words “more” in them:

“more money, money likes, more clients, more engagement, more mailing list, more referrals” – how much is more?

2, 20, 200, 20,000…… what is the MORE?

And just to flip this “more” stuff on it’s head, why is it always more?

Have you ever thought about a goal that included the words LESS?

Want to work less days, want to work less hours, want to reduce my expenses, want to have lower overheads etc etc – these are all really valid and great goals to have in business.

Give it a go!

And lastly from me on the subject of goals for this week:

What plans and processes do you ever put in place to ensure you’re on track?

I use SMART Goal setting with my clients in the 90 Day Success Club – because it works!


Yep, people think it’s boring – it’s not shiny, it’s not marketing, it’s not sexy!

Well, THINK AGAIN LOVELY LADY – setting goals for your own business should never be boring, it should never be the same old same old.

Setting goals and planning for your business success should be super exciting, it should be SMART because that’s the way you are going to set yourself up for success and also gauge how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved.

How about checking out the live video I posted on Wednesday? See if any of this sparks something new for you in terms of goals setting in your business and how you’d like to approach it.

Maybe you’d like to come and join my free Private Facebook Group Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna? Here’s the link and it’s full of awesome business women just like you!

And if you fancy a quick guided worksheet (I don’t do cheat sheets!) and helpful guide for SMART Goal Setting then click here and grab your download.

Take care, be safe, happy and awesome!

Anna xx





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