Did you smash your January goals and targets or fall short of the line?

From a business perspective, I hit my income goal. I worked with more clients that last January and I maintained my consistency. I didn’t get up to speed with a Group Mastermind I’m in, despite telling myself I would, so that was a big fat fail!

In my personal life, I ran further than I thought I would, smashed a PB on the Park Run, upped my mileage consistently and lost 7lbs in weight – big tick in that department.

I’m clear about my goals, whether I achieved them or not and what goals I am focused on for February. But what about a reward for hitting my targets?

This conversation came up in my Private Facebook group, Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna, when we had regular monthly review and goal setting session. And then again with a bunch of super amazing women who are part of my 2020 Business Vision – 90 Day Success Club, and the topic of rewards were discussed.

It was mooted that perhaps a big doughnut or cake would be in order! I was only joking about the fact that’d I’d kill for a doughnut, but it is interesting how many people would see that as a “reward”.

And I got to thinking, in all seriousness, “why would I reward myself with something that will set me back?”

 I guess we’re all bombarded and conditioned by advertising, society,   social media etc as to what a “TREAT” is defined as. A treat is a pizza, a   treat is a glass of wine, a treat is a doughnut, a treat is a mocha choca   latte with vanilla something (can you tell I don’t go to Costsbucks?!)


But if we define a treat as a walk in the fresh air & sunshine, an extra session at the gym, a plate full of greens, then it flips a lot of that on its head.

This principle is easily described in terms of weight loss/exercise/habits. But what about business?

Well, I guess that can also be flipped round slightly. When you hit your income target or new client goals at the end of the month, do you reward yourself with an afternoon off shopping or a spa day?

Do you take your foot off the gas and give yourself a break? Do you tell yourself that you’ve worked really hard and it’s time to chill and meet friends for lunch?

Or, do you decide to keep the momentum going, work at the same pace that you’ve been going, invest in some support if you know it’s unrealistic to keep spinning numerous plates, work with a business coach to help with clarity and strategy and think about increasing your efficiency and effectiveness?

I’d love to know. And I’d love to know because it’s never one size fits all and what motivates me, may certainly not motivate you.

Because business, life, all of this stuff, it’s all a balance isn’t it? And as humans we’re inherently lazy. So, the default position often doesn’t do us any good in the long run – it’s a momentary little bit of indulgence that sets us back.

  • Lose half a stone, have a cake to reward yourself (and put a few pounds back on)
  • Hit your sales for the month, take your foot off the pedal (and halt that momentum)

I’m not saying that I have the ultimate answer or my approach is better than yours. What I’m asking you to do is examine what you define as a treat or reward in your business or personal life and then ask yourself if that is taking you nearer to your ultimate goal, or further away?

And on that note, I’m off for a spinach omelette and a walk in the winter sun to fuel my physical and mental activity for the rest of the day!

Anna x

If you want to stay on track, get accountable, maintain your focus and rock your 2020 business vision then why not come and join our private Facebook group Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna. I run monthly business reviews & goal setting sessions, we have “Ask Anna” Friday where you can ask for help or advice on your business challenges and I’ll be live in the Group and it’s full of amazing business women at all different stages of their journey. I’d love to have you join us.





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