What are your business values?

 What do you value in your business and what do you value in those whom you do business with?

 Do you even know?

Is it something that you’ve sat and thought about recently or has it never crossed your conscious mind?

And, just before we start – I’m not the “values police” by the way.

Values are totally personal – in life and in business they are deeply ingrained in who we are BUT they can shape so many aspects of our lives, how we make decisions, who we associate with and they can cause conflict as well as harmony.

Often when we are working for some one/or some organisation, then we are expected to assume their values (their mission statement, their codes, their office norms) even if they don’t match our own. And whilst we think we can easily do this – and often embrace it when we first start in a new position, it can cause huge challenges as time passes when these values are at odds with our own personal ones. 

It causes a really big disconnect when what you’re expected to do and told to do is in conflict with your own set of values. And this leads to an enormous amount of stress and unhappiness for many people.

Where do these personal values come from?

And why do we find they are intertwined with work when, so often, we can leave our personal lives at the office door.  

Well, let’s start way back when you were just a little sprout…

You learnt your values from your immediate family and friends. Usually parents or other influential adults/carers/teachers; these were the people who instilled their own model of the world on you and told you what was right and wrong – from their own perspective.


And interestingly, the most powerful of values do not come from these experiences, they come from the values that are freely chosen, rather than those that are imposed.

So you can begin to see that values evolve over time. What fitted for us as young children or teenagers may well change to a greater or lesser degree by the time we reach our 30’s.

And yet, everyone’s values are different. Everyone’s values are ingrained in their being. Everyone’s values shape them and help them make valuable choices in life and business. Whether we agree with them or not.

And so for those of you running your own businesses, I’d welcome you to take a little time and really consider what’s important to you in business. Sure, you’re not running an expensive hobby (I’ll say again, I’m not the values police) it’s a business where you should be making money…

Tell me this……what else do you do? 

  • What connections do you make?
  • What service do you offer?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • Who do you know you would never work with?
  • Have you felt pressured into working with clients or a business that didn’t light you up or value you as an individual?
  • Have you gone against your gut and lived to regret it?

All of these things are terribly important to us as individuals and business owners and yet, we’re often so caught up in the moment, the selling, the pitching, the doing, the planning, that we never STOP to really think about our values, our business, our joy.






  •  What lights you up?
  • What work do you love?
  • Who do you want to work with or for?
  • How do you want to feel?

When you run your own business you are solely in charge of all of these things.

You are the CEO of all you survey and you make the rules about the values of your company whether it’s just you or a team of people.

You have choices that were never open to you when your worked for someone else.

  • Stay true to your values
  • Stay true to your joy
  • Stay true to your truth

If you’re not sure what your compelling business vision is or how to set goals that truly light you up (and are achievable) then download my free resource here…

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Being clear about your dreams, your vision and your values is the foundation for building your business and it’s important that you have that nailed from the outset.

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Anna x 





























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