Comparison-itus…. it can be a business killer!

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How are you and your business doing? Are you feeling perky or have you got that nasty business bug that’s going round? Heard of it? 

Comparison-itus…. it can be a business killer!

Every week this month I’ve been talking about Business Vision and discussing the elements of having:

 A clear business vision for yourself,
knowing your dream clients,
planning ahead with your goals
having building blocks for your business to work towards your vision and dream.

And you’ll notice that I’m talking about YOUR vision, dream, clients, etc….

I’m wondering if you’re really focusing on that or if, like so many others, you are feeling a little overwhelmed by everything and everyone else?

I’m sure you’ve found yourself being bombarded with images & messages all across Social Media, TV, magazines etc about all the things you SHOULD be doing and NEED to be doing in order to run a successful business, have a better life, de-clutter, get fit, eat right….and the list goes on.

Social Media is full of people portraying what THE “perfect life” looks like but of course, this is their story – not yours. (By the way, most of them won’t ever give a sh*t about you and your business – and that’s the cold hard truth!)

  • Do you need any more pressure piling on top?
  • Do you need someone else telling you what you need to do?
  • Do you accept that someone who knows nothing about you has the magic formula?

I certainly don’t.

But I used to get totally sucked into the “fake” world of empty promises and “one size fits all” approach to business and that’s why I struggled for so long – because I was trying to make my business and my life fit into a model that wasn’t mine.

I was constantly experiencing a sense of lack and loss of self worth because I thought I could never measure up to the success of all those women who had 6 figure businesses and didn’t have to lift a finger to make it happen! Losing hours of my precious time looking at other people, comparing myself with other women, feeling totally deflated before I’d even really started my own journey.

Sound familiar?


is a nasty little disease that can leave us feeling like total failures in our businesses, where we are lacking in everything that others seem to have and where we feel worthless and insignificant.

And when that happens, it’s a slippery slope to procrastination, poor mindset and general bleurgh!!

When I broke through that bullshit about 2 years ago I totally remember what a positive change it brought. Running my business was so much nicer, so different, less pressure, no comparison-itus!!

I had time to focus on what was important to me, my business vision, my goals, my dream clients.

If I can give you one tip this is it:


Stick to your own path – keep yourself in check and remember that other people’s stories are not yours.

➡️ FOCUS on your plan – break it down into small chunks so it’s not overwhelming for you

➡️ FOCUS on your business – other people’s stories, images, lives are not yours

➡️ FOCUS on your dreams – whatever your Compelling Vision is for your business & life then keep it front of mind

➡️ FOCUS on what success looks like for you – it could be more clients, it could be less clients and more free time, more family time, more you time. It could be more money. It can be anything you want it to be

And remember, it’s not all doom and gloom! There are also good people out there. People who can help and support you. People who are happy to connect and empower you. If you find someone motivating and empowering and you like them – tell them!

If you’re inspired by people, their business values, their business models, the way they do stuff, then tell them!

Make a connection with them – whether it’s in person at a networking event or through Social Media. Connection and relationships are everything and surrounding yourself with positive role models who will help you be the very best that you can be is also essential for your self worth.

When you have all the elements sorted about your business passion, your Compelling Vision, your Dream Client, your objectives and goals and milestones, then it simply doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.  

And if you’re struggling with any of that then download my free guide which will help you navigate your way through this.

Starting with your Compelling Vision it helps you work out what is YOUR Dream and Vision and what will light you up in your business. And it doesn’t stop there, it has templates for SMART Goal Setting, Money Stuff and the Power of Reviewing in your Business.

There are essential building blocks that you can put in place to be the very best version of yourself because when you inevitably hit a rough patch, this will keep you focused.

And you can come and join a group of amazing business women over in my Private Facebook Group, Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna, who are all focusing on getting the results that they want and deserve for their dream businesses.

This is your business, your dream and your life – stay on your own path and make it happen!

Anna xxx






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Anna x

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