It’s a business you’re running – right? 

Not a hobby. Not a past time. Not a “little” thing on the side. 

If you’re serious about your business then you need to be serious about the money.

I know you’ve heard me say this before but for the sake of repeating myself, a savvy business woman is all over the figures – and there’s nothing wrong with wanting them to be BIG.

When you run a business you want to see profit.

Profit = SUCCESS

Success = MORE MONEY  


A lot of how we operate as business women comes down to our beliefs. And I’m challenging you to think about what you truly believe about money. Your answer is yours alone, so be honest with yourself.

This is no time to be spouting out the latest mantra about money, repeating what’s popular in Insta or saying what you “think” you should say.

No, this is the time to be brutally honest with yourself about your relationship with money.

  • And this probably stems back to your childhood. How you saw money being used – or not.
  • What money there was in your family – or not.
  • How you grew up seeing others spend money, rack up debt, be frivolous, be misers….

Our relationships with money can impact massively on how we run our own businesses and what we tell ourselves about what we are able, or worthy, of earning.

Have a think about the things you tell yourself. Are these any of them?

“Money is the root of all evil”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “You have to work hard for the money”, “I should be grateful for what we’ve got”, “It’s wrong to be greedy”, “I’ve already got more than others”.

And then think about the reality of having more money. What would it mean for you, what would it mean for your family, your friends and also what would it mean for the world?

I’m not talking about huge grand gestures here. I’m talking about positive little ripples that we can all make by having more money.

What have I done with mine? Well for a start I’ve invested in other women’s businesses. I have a cleaner who runs her own business, a VA who runs her own business, an accountant who runs her own business and a coach who runs her own business – see where I’m going here?

It’s allowed me to sponsor friends and family and give to charities, it’s helped with holidays and fun stuff – and yes, I might have bought the odd bottle of perfume here and there (that’s my quarterly business bonus for exceeding my targets!!)

When women have more money than they NEED, they generally do good stuff with it.


 What is it that motivates you? And you can take the word MONEY out of the equation if that’s the bit you feel uncomfortable with right now and focus on what having the money will give you.



Are you motivated towards travelling to new places, having an updated bathroom, replacing the decking, buying presents for those you love…..whatever it is, the goal is what you can do with it to make a difference.

And what’s all this mumbo jumbo about manifesting that everyone talks about? Can you really just conjure up money and “stuff” by thinking about it?

Well, here’s how I see it in my most simplest of terms:

  • When you do good stuff
  • When you have an optimistic mind
  • When you focus on positive things instead of all the shit in the world
  • When you open yourself up to possibilities
  • When you accept yourself as doing the best you can
  • When you focus
  • When you apply yourself
  • When you stop having a pity party (or as Mr H says “poopy pants”)
  • When you shuffle the deck and draw an ace

 When you do all of the above, then good stuff generally starts to happen.

You notice it more 

You appreciate it more

You accept it more 

You have more…………..of everything. Including money!


Positive energy breeds positive energy (that’s as scientific as I can get) and it feels good.

We’ve covered loads this month about money, whether that’s been forecasting sales or plugging those money leaks in your business and I’m looking forward to talking about money and business even more over in our Private Facebook Group Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna. Come and join us!

If you want to get a really quick handle on the Money Stuff, why not download the super helpful and easy to use workbook I created Stepping into your CEO Shoes which not only covers your Compelling Vision, Goal Setting for Success and the Power of Reviewing but also the super important and biz critical “Money Stuff”. Grab it here.

And as it’s the end of the month, you can also come and join me live this Friday 2nd August for the July Mini Biz Review and August Goal Setting Session.  Are you making time for you in your business?

All you need to bring is yourself. The workbook can be downloaded in the group and it’s all recorded too if you can’t make the live.

Join us here Build Your Brilliant Business with Anna.

Have an awesome week and remember you’re the CEO of your business, it’s your path and you make it happen!  


Anna x





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