Are you wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Or have you already got an inkling?  

How we approach the day and our businesses can really impact what we achieve consistently through the days, weeks & months.

So, when I ask if you’re sitting in the front row of your life – are you?

Or are you lurking somewhere in the middle of that auditorium and please don’t tell me that you’re on the back row!!

We all know nothing good came out of that 😂😂😂 

In all seriousness though, it can be tough to show up every day in business as your very best self.

It’s much easier said than done for so many reasons. Whether it’s the weather that affects your mood, your hormones wreaking havoc, a family issue, or setbacks in your business, there is always something that can get in the way.

Sitting in the front row is about showing up in your business as the CEO. Being all over your business, knowing what’s going on, thinking objectively, keeping accountable, moving forwards – all the things that are needed to build your brilliant business the way you want it to be.

I know how hard it can be. I’m not immune to a bit of skulking around and slouching in the middle seats! Believe me, I’m prone to that sometimes!

So, if my mindset’s not great, if I’ve had a set back, if things aren’t going to plan, I have to pull it back before it starts to impact on business and life.

And part of that is about “acting as if”. Stepping into the persona of the CEO, being present in the business, having solid structure, being totally accountable to myself and others and taking it seriously.

Have you ever tried it? It really does work. Here’s some examples of what it means and how you can start to use it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “all good things come to those who wait” …. Well, that’s pretty much bullsh*t to be fair.

Good things come to those who:

  • Have a vision
  • Plan it out
  • Work on their mindset
  • Take action and
  • Make it happen

I notice many times with clients and women I speak to that often they are so fired up by webinars, workshops and free resources. They attend, show up, get the resource. They feel on fire and motivated. The feel inspired by what someone else is saying.

And then the next day or the week after, that’s all disappeared and they’re back to square one.


Because they are looking to someone else to give them a reason in their business. They’re looking for motivation from someone else’s business. They’re not looking within and finding the fire in their own belly. They are not in tune with their Compelling Vision and they’re back to procrastinating.

Procrastinating can be about putting off jobs we don’t like, but in my experience it’s more often about putting off what we’re afraid of.

We find excuses not to do something and do a million and one other things than the thing we truly know will help us achieve more in our business.

So how about trying the Act as If approach and channel your inner CEO next time you’re feeling afraid, unsure or just a little bit wibbly.

Start to use it more often and it will become a habit.

And then you can build forward momentum in your business, planning out what goals you’re working towards and doing it with purpose every single day by sitting in the front row of your life and showing up day after day after day….. and how good will that feel?


Anna x

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4 Key Templates – Stepping into your CEO shoes

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They’re some of the business basics that we all find it really easy to forget about or not even start!

So, get ahead of the game, get complete clarity about your business vision & goals and let’s start planning your brilliant business growth…

Anna x

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