Join me in the 90 Day Success Club for vision, clarity & action in your business

Let’s work together for 90 days, get your 2021 business vision back on track and your business headed in the right direction

Clarity & Action = Transformation

Do you really desire to have total clarity about your business goals, get realistic about where you are right now and where you want to be and to use outcome focused action planning to get sh*t done and transform your business? 

Are you:

Fed up of the vicious circle you keep finding yourself in year after year – and let’s face it, the past year has been a real CHALLENGE?

Reviewing your income each month and knowing you could be doing better?

Getting distracted by “shiny objects” which DO NOT help move your business forward & just drain your bank account?

Beginning to feel unsure about what your “big business dream” really even is and feeling lost or overwhelmed?

Burying your head in the sand and avoiding all the things you don’t like doing – especially those that scare you?

Then this is for you because I absolutely understand all of those feelings

I’ve been all of the above at some point in my business and I know how it feels.

Lonely, worrying, frustrating, energy zapping, simply exhausting!

Watching everyone else seem to do better than you.

Watching everyone else be happy and successful.

Watching all those shiny Facebook promos from women who appear to have lunch out every day & coffee with friends (socially distanced, of course!) just because they did a “pivot” with their business …

In the past few years I’ve worked massively on my business strategy and my mindset to transform where I was in my business. I’ve used all my years of experience of planning and outcome focused actions to nail who my dream client is, where I’m showing up in front of them, how I’m stepping up in my business and getting truly out of my comfort zone so that I’m no longer hiding behind my screen!

The results??  – I’ve consistently sky-rocketed my business results and despite the hideous challenges of 2020 I’ve had 4 full rounds of the 90 Days Success Club and received amazing feedback and testimonials from the women who’ve been a part of this awesome programme.

Plus, I feel super confident and totally aligned with what I am doing. Even though, sometimes it’s tough!

I’m not going to bullshit you – ever!

Recently, I’ve helped women like you and me to face their fears about where their business is and where they want it to be. I worked with women to get totally focused on moving their business forward. I’ve held women accountable for the crap they keep telling themselves they can’t do and helped them to step into their CEO shoes.

    These amazing women have stepped out from the shadows and faced their fears, they’ve increased their income and got to grips with parts of their business they’d been ignoring.


    They’ve delivered on time and been truly accountable.

    They have become totally driven in their businesses instead of running expensive hobbies!

    They’ve shown up every week through thick and thin, despite these hugely challenging times – and they have been fully supported! 

    So, when we work together, you’ll get honesty, you’ll get care, you’ll get support, you’ll get a set of objective eyes and ears on your business, you’ll get accountability and, if needed, you’ll also get a kick up the bum!  You’ll get me.

    Read what others have said about being part of the 90 Day Success Club

    I’ve worked with Anna at Pink Dragonfly on a number of occasions, from a 1:1 Clarity & Strategy Session, the monthly Business reviews in her Facebook group, and her 90-day Success Mastermind.

    I love working with Anna in any form, she helps to bridge the gap between my Spiritual business and ‘woowoo thinking’ and the tools used within the corporate sectors to review how my business is performing and what ‘Human’ actions I need to take.

    The 90-day Success Mastermind is a hub of supportive businesswomen led by Anna, that helps to keep me accountable and gives inspiration when I’m lacking.

    Working with Anna in the Mastermind, I have made huge leaps in putting processes in place, I now understand their value, which has freed up my time to work on what I do best.

    As a Lightworker, Empath & Spiritual Healer I spend most of my time in the Spiritual world, and I’ve found that the business world can be a challenging place, Anna has helped me to bring the 2 worlds closer together.

    Jen Styles

    I cannot thank Anna enough for running this 90 Day Success Club, I have been running my business for over 6yrs and I have followed MANY coaches, MANY foolproof models, MANY easy income-generating techniques and yet they have never been successful, we all know success is subjective, and for me, past attempts have not been a success, wherein there has been no major changes in income or clients.

    Over the last 90 days, I have grown in confidence, I have secured 3 new clients and my business is going well, for me this is my version of success.

    This course will guide you and help you achieve your level of success that you are looking for.

    Anna’s approach is unlike most others, she is understanding, knowledgeable, empathetic, non-judgemental and has time for you, she will hold you accountable, she will listen to you when you are stuck, she will guide you if you are unsure, she will offer you unmeasured support and direction.

    Claire Bourke

    Time can sometimes just run away from yourself so to draw a line in the sand and identify what you want to do, what you achieved and your next moves is so motivating and the 90 day timescale is ideal.

    It’s been a quick 90 days but so much achieved and especially learnt a lot about myself and how I run my business.

    Working with Anna 1:1 has been so useful and the monthly calls have not felt rushed or superfluous – great content and enabled me to really focus on my business and how I run it.

    Michelle Poole

    Joining Anna’s 90 day 2020 Business Vision was the perfect choice for me at the beginning of lockdown.

    Her professionally informed knowledge and advice is rooted in lived experience. She understands the stages we are going through in building our businesses whilst dealing with the challenges that building a business brings personally in terms of morale, stamina & self confidence.

    Her response is nurturing, yet practical. I feel supported in her group yet still accountable to the intentions I set to grow my business. The mutual support from being in a group is wonderful and our weekly sessions exist as a little oasis for me each week.

    Jilah Bakhshayesh

    I am so glad I joined Anna’s 90 day business programme in January 

    During this time I have seen my business develop & grow, felt more focused on where I am going, and have confidence in how my business is taking shape. 

    There is not only incredible 1:1 support,  guidance & accountability from Anna, there is the delight of being part of a group of other self employed business women, all making their way in different areas. 

    Much gratitude Anna, for guidance and for keeping us smiling

    Mary E McConnell

    I was feeling a little lost at sea, ‘stuck’ without a mentor or someone to guide my rudder when needed – to question me about my objectives or my business vision and how I might achieve it.

    She has brought me back to a focussed and structured approach to business. 

    Anna holds me accountable, but not in a stressful way – a fair but firm approach with a sprinkling of no nonsense.  She absolutely knows how to get the best out of people and out of their businesses for them.  Offering guidance, structure, know how, experience and accountability

    Karen Patten

    What’s this group all about?

    It’s about transforming your business from average to awesome!

    It’s about getting to the heart of what’s holding you back

    It’s about taking the fear out of the money stuff & achieving the sales & growth you desire

    It’s about setting yourself up for success & being held accountable

    It’s about working in a small, confidential, empowering, supportive & collaborative group of women

    It’s about achieving results & being the best version of yourself.

    Want to be part of this powerful group?

    The doors are now open for the next round of the 90 Day success Club. And you can sign up right now.

    This in-depth, transformational and outcome-focused action programme includes: 

    • Weekly live catch-ups in our very own Private Facebook Group – you can share your wins with the group, update me on anything that’s happened where you need advice or ideas, set your goals and ask for accountability in your business and know that you’re part of a supportive group of women
    • 3 x 60-minute 121 private coaching/mentoring sessions – held by our old friend Zoom – where we get really specific about your business and moving it forward. You get a recording of the session and my action notes to keep you focused.
    • Printable and downloadable resources to help you get organised focused and stay on track – I’ve had amazing feedback about the resource pack I supply with this programme!
    • Daily accountability, support and encouragement from me – available in the Facebook Group every day and delivering ad-hoc sessions throughout the month

    This is available for an amazing £160 per month for 3 months (£480 total)


    Or £240 per month for 2 months


    Or pay in full £480


    There is so much value in here; the weekly live calls, 3 x 1 hour, private 121 coaching sessions,  the support and encouragement and resources – this is a massive opportunity for value and quality for anyone wanting to kick start their business as we move out of the long darkness and properly into Spring. And with the payment plan options, it’s even easier to commit.

     When you buy this package, I want you to understand something about me. I work exclusively with women on building their brilliant businesses by using my years of strategy and planning knowledge & experience in the corporate environment plus over 8 years of successfully running my own business.

    We work through visions, goals, strategy and implementation. I will support and encourage you and help you to get sh*t done!


    By the end of July 2021, you’ll be a different business woman:

    You’ll be setting yourself goals, working towards them with focus and accountability

    You’ll feel comfortable with using your numbers to forecast your future sales and plan your increase in income and profit

    You’ll be looking at an action focused plan to keep you on YOUR business path and moving towards your goals and dreams

    You’ll be stepping out of your comfort zone and into your CEO shoes and being supported and empowered all the way to do it with courage

    You’ll have total clarity about your business direction and what you plan to achieve

    You’ll be on track to having more business and earning more money

    Frequently asked questions

    I’ve never joined a group coaching membership before. I’m a bit anxious about where other people might be in business compared with me?  

    This is a small and supportive environment to help you and your business flourish. It’s deliberately small to foster a collaborative approach and there is absolutely no comparing. Everyone is on their own journey and we can all learn from each other.

    The live weekly zoom calls are recorded in case you can’t always make it. There’s support from me throughout the week in a Private Facebook Group, Accountability Days and also a 60 minute 121 coaching & mentoring call each month to discuss absolutely anything about your business.


    What if I can’t make the weekly calls?

    All the weekly calls take place on a Monday afternoon and are recorded. If you can’t make it then I always ask for any questions or challenges you want covered off and I’ll go over these in the call. the recorded calls are held in the Private Facebook Group for members to revisit or watch back. 

    How long does the Success Club last for?

    The 90 Day Success Club is just that – a total of 13 weeks working in this gorgeous group. Access to the Private Facebook Group is given just before we start. 

    What if I can’t keep up?

    I’m here to support you and alongside all of the other live, recorded and weekly activities, every member received a jam packed Resource Pack that they can work through throughout the 90 days and beyond. This has a massive amount of supportive information including:

    • Banishing limiting beliefs
    • Intention Setting
    • SMART Goal Setting
    • 90 Day Planning
    • GAP Analysis
    • Contingency Planning and much more


    How can I make the payments?

    I’ve structured this to make it as easy as possible to join the 90 Day Club so you can choose to pay in one go upfront, or split payments over 2 or 3 months.

    Buy now to secure your place on the next round of the 90 Day Success Club starting 3rd May


    There is so much value in here;





    support, encouragement and resources – a massive opportunity for value and quality for anyone wanting to kick start their business as we move out of the long darkness and properly into Spring & Summer 2021.

    And with the payment plan options, it’s even easier to commit.

    Download Your Freebie

    4 Key Templates – Stepping into your CEO shoes

    This fabulous resource will help you get your business head in gear and focused on your growth.

    The 4 key templates are a super simple, quick & easy way to re-focus on what’s important and help you step into your own CEO shoes!

    They’re some of the business basics that we all find it really easy to forget about or not even start!

    So, get ahead of the game, get complete clarity about your business vision & goals and let’s start planning your brilliant business growth…

    Anna x

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