These are 5 basic things that you can pay immediate attention to, no matter where in the business cycle you are and no matter how long you’ve been at this game – new or old, they are always worth revisiting

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  1. Identifying your target market
  • Often referred to these days as your Super Customer, Soul Client, Ideal Client or plain old Target Market, it is essential that you do the work to identify who you’re selling to. And saying to yourself that your product or service is for everyone just doesn’t cut it. You’ll end up trying to please everyone and not selling your amazing & fabulous self or product to anyone! So, my advice to you is to do the work. Get the flip chart, the paper, the i-pad, the fag packet – whatever you want to write on is cool, so long as you spend the time identifying who you actually want to sell to AND who actually wants to buy from you.

2. Get the Message?

  • Marketing, messaging, communicating, hitting the right note. Whatever you want to call it, getting your message and your offer in front of your ideal client is key to success and in this mad busy world of 24/7 social media and bombardment of product placement, advertising and the like, we can all get lost in the pile. So, once you know who that ideal client is it’s time to work out what message they are likely to respond to – what’s the pain & frustration that they will identify with that your product/service is going to help with. What words do they use? Are they in groups that you are in (networking on-line or in person) and what is it that they need?

3. Communication Tools

  • It’s so easy to think that we should be doing everything. Everything that everyone else seems to be doing. Yep, that’s right…seems to be doing.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Direct Mail, Networking. Do you really have to do all of those? No – of course not, because if you’ve done the ground work to ID your ideal client you’ll know where they hang out and it won’t be all of the above. So pick maybe 2-3 of the key ways to communicate with them and stick to that for the time being. Otherwise you’ll create overwhelm in your business.

4. Nail that Business Vision

Call it what you will – Strategy, Business Vision, Business Plan, Vision Board, Business Goal……it’s the road-map that’s going to help you achieve your desired goals. It’s the What, Who, How, When (and Why if you need to remind yourself!) 

Write it down – use a simple template if you need to. And be clear about what it is you really want to achieve in your business – both short and long term.

5. Track it

As part of your business vision you’ll be able to visualise and acknowledge what success means for you. It’s not always about money. Whatever it is then you need to be able to track and measure it. So, if it’s increasing your number of new clients, how are you going to measure conversions from enquiries to sales. And what’s your target? Always have a target and don’t be afraid to set a stretching one. You can always review, reflect and reassess at each quarter.

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And make some time for you. In order for your business to grow and you to be happy it’s essential that you allow yourself the time to review and reflect on everything that’s going on.

Affording yourself small blocks of time to work through these 4 Key Templates for Stepping into your CEO shoes will massively increase your chances of moving your business forward and building momentum.


Have a wonderful day and week ahead and if you’re mulling over any kind of challenge you may have right now in business then hop over to my Private Facebook group ‘Build your Brilliant Business with Anna’ which is full of amazing business women who recognise the need to be in a supportive & accountable space where we talk about setting yourself up for success and stepping into you CEO shoes. 

Anna x


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