There’s no such thing as failure…only feedback.  Have you ever heard that phrase before? I remember the first time I heard it and I distinctly thought what a load of old bollocks!

Seriously, I didn’t know what it meant. Of course there’s failure – it’s all around us. Society and the education system has brought most of us up to believe that you either pass or fail.

You’re a success or a failure. And failing is not to be admired. Failing is the pits.

It’s almost like failing an exam or maybe your driving test, failing to secure a job, indeed almost any of the big markers in life, indicates that you as the person are a failure.

We are hardwired from an early age to view failing as a negative and passing as a positive…..

Now roll on a good 15 years from when I started my NLP journey and well, I now know that really is a load of old shite!

There really is no such thing as failure – only feedback.

I’ll let that statement sink in for a moment.

Whether you’re a football supporter or not, you have to have been living in a cave for the past 4 weeks not to have seen on some level the coverage of the rise and fall of the teams who have been knocked out along the way.

And of course, Sunday’s final. Which concluded whilst I was safely tucked up in the Land of Nod.

But this got me thinking about failure on a much more regular and day to day level and how we often naturally shy away from anything that might lead to it.

Rather than allowing ourselves to be curious and maybe try a “what if” approach, if we think that we might fail then we’d rather not try in the first place … sound familiar?

The concept of failure all revolves around not succeeding. Not reaching the goal. Not achieving a specific “thing” and I’m pretty sure that this is why so many of us women in business are so wishy washy about defining our goals and our dreams and our objectives.

And we’re even more cagey about telling anyone else about them.

Because we are so scared of “failure” that if we don’t tell anyone, including ourselves, what the goal is, then we simply cannot fail can we?!

But this tactic to protect ourselves from the dreaded F word, only leads to increased frustration, sense of lack and procrastination in our businesses.

How about if we put all that childhood learning to one side and agree that it no longer serves us? Especially as grown up women running our own businesses. We determine what our own success looks like, no one else.

And, if there is no such thing as failure, or that feeling of “being a failure” then what do we truly have to lose?

If you want to have your own definition of success, if you want to achieve your compelling business vision to allow you the life that you want to live, then you will not always win first time. And that, my lovely, is ok.

  • Life and business are about learning. Continuing to learn throughout your adult life is essential to keep your brain active and up to date with your own sector. 
  • Learning what works and what needs tweaking. Businesses that don’t adapt, tweak, change, evolve – well, they usually go to the wall. So see those tweaks as a positive. 
  • Learning what feels right and what we don’t sit comfortably with. Align your business success to your own values. You no longer work for an organisation – you work for you! 
  • Learning where our zone of genius is and where we might choose to have some support. 
  • Setting goals, meaningful and stretching goals in your business is absolutely essential if you are to grow and flourish. 
  • Making those goals visible is the only way to keep them at the front of your mind where you will stay truly focused. Hide them away and you’ll forget about them and get side-tracked by other shiny shite! 
  • Being accountable for those goals to someone other than yourself will undoubtedly help you achieve them more quickly – fact! 95% of my clients say that the accountability is the thing that truly helps them achieve more each month. 

And, when you work with someone like me to do that, you can also remove those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and re-wire your brain to accept all the feedback you need.

See, it’s true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

So, let’s redefine what success is and what failure is. And if we redefine failure as simply feedback then we can spend our future tweaking and adapting all the feedback we receive to make our businesses the shit hot, amazing and awesome places that we dream of.

Come along and join us in Build Your Brilliant Business if you’re not already a member of our lovely private and free Facebook group for amazing business women. And it’s not too late to book a Blitz Your Business Strategy session in July, there’s still a few spaces left over the next 2 weeks!

What are you wating for?          Feedback!!

Have an awesome week,

Anna x


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